I’m curious about empathy.

My portfolio moves between science, art, and technology. It questions the lengths and limitations of these fields when they intersect at the concept of empathy.

This interest in empathy comes from equal parts stubbornness and cynicism. I wanted to understand what could make people do good. The research began by studying Daniel Batson’s Empathy-Altruism hypothesis. This hypothesis states that the more empathetic concern we feel towards an entity, the more altruistic motivation is experienced.

Empathy is facilitated by both understanding or sharing emotional remembrances and one’s ability to project and experience bodily sensations in relation to another entity.

My work remains interdisciplinary. It uses two-dimensional mediums as a mode to question how we relate and to process research. It uses new media to test the lengths and limitations of our empathetic response, as a function of scientific research and technological advancements. It remains at the intersection of science, art, and technology both in content and in form.

Ultimately, your reality is vastly different than mine and I want to understand that.