Faith & Suspension

When they are formed, promises are beautiful. Their end goals can be both comforting and far reaching and we find ourselves suspended in some dopamine-infused air as we wait for them to be fulfilled. Simultaneously, while we await the fulfillment of the promise, we are held in suspension, not knowing when or if we are going to be let go from the ties of this ecstatic state.

A knot is a self sustaining structure, requiring no fasteners. It additionally requires equal tension from both sides in order to maintain this strength and security. The knot, therefore, is symbolic of the promise you make with another person, an idea, or a belief. The rock is then cradled by these beautiful promises, and is left in the suspension, believing the knot will withstand time.

During this environmental installation, the collaborative team Gino Sahagun and Emily Dzieweczynski invited visitors to participate in reflection of their own promises and faiths. Located near the installation, is a place with paper and pens where visitors may write down a promise, belief, or ideology. They were then asked to place this sentiment within the knots of the rock. While doing so, they were instructed to take time to consider that although the rope has the potential to break, you nonetheless make the leap faith and participate in something that can be beautiful.