our common language


Our Common Language is a commissioned work to commemorate and celebrate the opening of St. Croix Lutheran High School's new international dormitory. 


"The mission of St. Croix Lutheran Grades 6-12 is to educate the total student spiritually, intellectually, and physically in a caring, Christian family community. The student residence program is an integral part of the SCL community as it has served as home for students from six continents since first opening in 1995. It is through this residence community that SCL has been able to extend its outreach throughout the world and impact the lives of many more students with the love of Christ. This student residence, newly built in 2015, will enhance the ministry of St. Croix Lutheran in serving students from throughout the world.

The art piece Our Common Language illustrates this Christian service through the thirty-five hands which are greeting, guiding, praising, and praying together. Each hand is covered with Scripture in various languages, exemplifying how, although the students may come from different backgrounds and have their own stories, they share a common language - God’s love for all. The passages include various verses about Christian love as a way to reinforce how the love of Christ is shown through our community and service to others.

The hands were made by first casting silicone molds of the artist’s hands in seven different positions. With each mold, five hands were cast out of plaster, covered in strips of scripture in different languages using paper mache, and sealed with Mod Podge. After all the hands were completed, the assembly process began. The placement of the hands was determined using a tape grid, and the hands were bolted onto the board."