The Web

Design / Illustration / Performance

The Web functions as documentation of a conversation held over the website Omegle, a chat room connecting strangers from across the world via their computers. The discussion was between two strangers with no prior information about the other or the circumstances of the conversation.

The Web considers how we attempt to develop intimacy and maintain connections with humans across spacetime, using the internet and technology as an interface. It also reflects on a want to empathize with other beings despite the vastness of human experience, fragility of information, and the limits to communication.

As a child, I was homeschooled and fairly isolated, yet curious about the world around me. I’d often spend hours on the internet talking to strangers, trying to understand their experiences and perspectives. At a period in my adult life when I felt alone, I returned to the chatroom Omegle, one I regularly frequented as a child. The result was this conversation with a person, Rick, that was promptly cut due to server errors.

I wanted to convey a sense of vastness and space, specifically the type of space created by the internet. To do this, I created minimal grid-systems that create perspective and disappear into endless space. Intersecting planes illustrate the ways our interfaces pass through one another, if even just briefly. Lasly, I pushed the program to glitch, causing results that are authentic to concept and medium.